Hard drives can be demanding. They’ll work fine one moment and try to lose all of your files the next!

That’s why having the best hard drive data recovery for Windows systems available at your home or business is essential for information health. If your HDD were to fail today, could you retrieve your critical files?

How to Find the Best Hard Drive Data Recovery Tools

The first step toward hard drive data salvation is to determine what kind of storage you have. We can group this storage into four different types.

  • Serial ATA (SATA)
  • Small Computer System Interface (SCSI)
  • Solid State Drive (SSD)
  • Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment (PATA)

If you have an older computer, the PATA drives are the ones that sometimes get called an IDE or EIDE. That abbreviation stands for “Integrated Drive Electronics” or “Enhanced Integrated Drive Electronics,” respectively. 

Most Windows PCs come with either SATA or SSD drives today. Computer manufacturers prefer the Solid State Drive because it takes less power, has lower latency, and is less susceptible to shock.

Once you’ve identified the hard drive type for your computer, it is time to use a recovery tool that can retrieve any missing files and data you need.

Top Hard Drive Data Recovery Downloads for Windows

Although several software products claim to find lost files consistently and rapidly, only a handful of them delivers this result. Here are the tools to consider today if you need to recover information from a hard drive.

1. Disk Drill for Windows

Disk Drill for Windows

Advantages of Using Disk DrillDisadvantages of Using Disk Drill
  • The software provides an in-depth scanning resource that lets you find files that might not get recognized by similar services.
  • It offers recovery support for over 400 different file types to ensure nothing gets left behind.
  • An advanced filter provides you with multiple ways to find files, especially after an accidental deletion.
  • When the software finds files, it organizes them into logical categories to reduce the time it takes to sort through them. 
  • A free trial offers 500MB of data recovery to see if your hard drive recovery efforts benefit from this service. 
  • This software requires a physical download to operate. It doesn’t come with a portable option.
  • When you locate potentially recoverable files, this resource doesn’t have a way to tell you the likelihood of success from the effort.
  • You have access to extensive blogs, chat, and email for client support, but there isn’t a staffed telephone customer service center.
  • If your computer has an SSD of 2TB or more, this software may take longer to use or missing the occasional file.

Disk Drill is currently available for $89. Corporate users who need Windows file recovery services can find value in the $499 Enterprise plan.

You can use Disk Drill on Windows 10, 8, and 7 versions. 

More information about this software is available through the following link: https://www.cleverfiles.com/data-recovery-software.html.

2. Advanced Disk Recovery

Advanced Disk Recovery

Advantages of Using Advanced Disk RecoveryDisadvantages of Using Advanced Disk Recovery
  • The interface for this software platform is intuitive and easy to use for most people.
  • It offers an impressive scanning speed in its Quick Scan mode to quickly find files.
  • A deep scanning mode finds recoverable information that gets missed by other tools. 
  • Filter options include a health indicator to find items that have the best chance for recovery. 
  • It allows you to find missing information on CD-R, DVDs, and standard CDs.
  • Users must purchase a bundled product that includes a photo editing package.
  • The deep scanning speed with this Windows hard drive recovery software is below average. 
  • If you have problems with the software, your only option is to email the company.
  • The review feature is dependent on your file health quality to offer useful information.

Advanced Disk Recovery is currently available for $39.95. This price includes PhotoStudio, which you can choose to remove at the Cleverbridge checkout screen if you don’t want it.

You’re also asked if you want to include special “disk cleaning tools” with your purchase. This product adds another $9.99 to your total sale.

This software is compatible with Windows 10, all Windows 8 systems, Windows 7, Vista, and XP. You can run either the 32- or 64-bit option on your hard drive.

You can find the download information and product highlights through this link: https://www.systweak.com/advanced-disk-recovery/price.

3. Recuva


Advantages of Using RecuvaDisadvantages of Using Recuva
  • This software provides a free resource that manages most file recovery needs for the average person. 
  • It incorporates a helpful recovery wizard that takes the stress out of trying to find missing files.
  • You can download it as a portable version.
  • It recovers files from all hard drive types and most portable storage, including MP3 players.
  • You can overwrite program files to secure your HDD or SSD so that no one else can access your information.
  • Drive support is available for computers with up to 3TB of storage on their hard drive. 
  • Most users will want to upgrade to the professional plan to maximize the benefits of this software.
  • The quick scan picks up far less information than the deep scan feature.
  • When selecting the deep scan mode, it will only find specific file types instead of all the ones recognized in the quick scan. 
  • If you need help outside of the wizard, the best option is to review the publisher’s help documentation.
  • Business users must have CCleaner instead of Recuva, which is priced at $24.95.

Recuva is available for free if all you need is advanced file recovery services for your system. If you need virtual hard drive support, want automatic updates, and receive additional help from the publisher, the professional plan is available for $19.95.

This software is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, and XP. It includes the 64-bit and 32-bit versions, but users with RT tablet editions must find another solution.

More download information is available here through this link: https://www.ccleaner.com/recuva/download.

4. Undelete My Files Pro

Undelete My Files Pro

Advantages of Using Undelete My Files ProDisadvantages of Using Undelete My Files Pro
  • The software takes a snapshot of your hard drive so that you can recover files at any convenient time.
  • It can securely delete your files so that no one else can access the information on the hard drive.
  • You have an email recovery option with this tool to recover strings that you may require.
  • There is no cost to use this software for your hard drive recovery needs. 
  • A unique filter set lets you find specific files that were accidentally or purposely deleted for recovery. 
  • The software doesn’t offer recoverability indications when finding lost files.
  • This tool provides modern functionality, but its design looks like it came from 2003.
  • Customer support for this product is minimal since it is a no-cost download. 
  • Although you won’t pay anything for the software in cash, you must provide personal information about yourself to start using it.

Undelete My Files Pro is available for free. If you download version 3.1.0, you’ll receive a 1.3 MB file to install on your computer.

You can find additional download information here by clicking this link: http://seriousbit.com/undeletemyfiles/.

5. Recover My Files

Recover My Files

Advantages of Using Recover My FilesDisadvantages of Using Recover My Files
  • This hard drive recovery option also supports conventional storage products. USB sticks, SD cards, and some MP3 players are readable.
  • You can scan the image files of partitions with this tool.
  • When you receive a file list of missing or lost items, you can sort the information by date for ease of access.
  • You can adjust the layout in the user interface to meet your specific needs at home.
  • The user interface feels outdated, especially with its navigational mechanisms.
  • It forces users into a complicated file recovery system that takes some time to figure out how to use.
  • The initial website that you visit for this software isn’t secure – it’s not HTTPS.
  • If you try the evaluation mode, it won’t let you save any of the found files.

Recover My Files is available for $69.95 with the standard version, which is suitable for most users. If you need RAID recovery, custom layouts, or to scan disk images, the professional plan is required at $99.95.

This tool is compatible with most Windows systems.

You can find more information about downloading this software here through this link: http://www.recovermyfiles.com/data-recovery-software-purchase.php.

Additional Resources for Windows Hard Drive Recovery

Finding the best hard drive data recovery software for Windows is only one step of the file restoration process.

Most downloads require you to have at least some technical knowledge about your hard drive or computer to operate the software.

That’s why reviewing these additional resources could be helpful in your quest to recover lost data.

What’s the Bottom Line?

It’s never fun to manage a hard drive that wants to malfunction. When you can access these essential resources, the process gets much more manageable!

After discovering what HDD type you have, don’t forget to download the best hard drive data recovery for Windows tools to get your files back. The advantages and disadvantages of each product are clear, which means you can apply that information at home or work directly to meet your needs.