You never know when your hard drive might decide to die on your Mac. Even if you have external drives available to keep your information viable, the potential for lost files still exists.

Instead of reacting to this unfortunate situation, now is the perfect time to be proactive! These hard drive data recovery solutions for macOS are 100% certified and manually tested to ensure their accuracy and value.

Whether you’re a casual user or a busy professional, these are the downloads you’ll want to start using.

What Are the Best Hard Drive Data Recovery Downloads for Mac?

You need more than a simple file recovery solution if your hard drive is on the fritz. When these tools are available to use, it won’t take long to get back to the usual routine.

1. Disk Drill for Mac

Disk Drill for Mac

This download provides numerous functionalities that let you maximize how you access your Mac’s hard drive. From a helpful boot disk creator to restoring lost partitions, this software could become your all-in-one preference when you need to recover data.

Features of Disk DrillPotential Concerns for Disk Drill
  • Recovery Vault offers references to deleted data to prevent accidental trash removal.
  • Data Backup offers cloning without risking the original source materials.
  • Guaranteed Recovery works in the background to copy the files in specified folders to reduce the risk of permanent loss.
  • The free version for Mac allows for previews only.
  • The quality or condition of each file doesn’t show within the scan results.
  • Your recovered items might require relabeling.

With the release of Disk Drill 4 for Mac, the user interface provides a more intuitive and natural feeling. The learning curve is significantly reduced, enabling almost everyone the chance to manage their hard drive data recovery needs.

If you can turn on a computer, you can likely use this tool. The brand also offers video tutorials for those moments when you might get a little stuck.

Even if you’ve reformatted your drive multiple times, some files might still be accessible on your Mac. Disk Drill can help you to recover them or identify places that could be potential privacy threats.

Pricing starts at $89 for this hard drive data recovery tool for the Mac, with higher-level options available for business users at an additional cost. Your system must boot with macOS X 10.8.5.

More information about Disk Drill is available through this link:

2. Softtote Data Recovery for Mac

Softtote Data Recovery for Mac

If you keep a limited number of file types on your Mac, this affordable recovery tool might meet your needs. Although the features are somewhat limited, some users can benefit from its straightforward approach to finding lost information.

Features of SofttotePotential Concerns for Softtote
  • This download combines RAW searching technologies to recover lost files.
  • Mac users can restore lost partitions with this download.
  • It recovers common music and image files on FAT, NTFS, HFS, and HFS+ systems.
  • The free version of this software provides minimal support.
  • You must navigate through three separate wizards to find the services you need.
  • The enhanced deep scan can take hours to complete.

Although Softtote Data Recovery offers improved capabilities with its latest version, it still provides more of a niche experience for Mac users. Outside of its videos, music, and photos file recovery support, you can discover lost partitions to find missing information.

It does offer support for multiple storage devices, but the download only works accurately when it accesses the specific file volumes and types listed.

You’ll find that it doesn’t live up to the all-in-one tool hype, although it does offer a powerful recovery ability for specific items.

Pricing for the professional version starts at $69.99. You’ll need your Mac computer or laptop to boot with macOS X 10.7 to 10.13 for it to work, although it does have compatibility with Mojave 10.14.

More information about Softtote Data Recovery is available at this URL:

3. Cisdem Data Recovery 6 for Mac

Cisdem Data Recovery 6 for Mac

If you’ve lost files because your Mac crashed, this data recovery tool can let you access that information once again. It also handles those accidental deletions, reformatting commands, and mysterious upgrade disappearances.

Features of Cisdem Data Recovery 6Potential Concerns for Cisdem
  • It handles the basic Mac data recovery needs for the average user.
  • The structure excludes configuration files to make it easier to locate lost data.
  • Trash Recovery can bring back folders or files emptied mistakenly.
  • Free lifetime updates are available.
  • It only offers compatibility for users operating with macOS X 10.11 or later.
  • The tool recovers about 50% of the file types that others can find.
  • Users don’t receive access to pre-scan filtering. 

Although this hard drive data recovery tool doesn’t quite deliver every possible scenario, that’s also the platform’s strength. It offers a specific resource to people who face common data loss problems.

By focusing on these specific elements, the developers have created a product that works well for the average user. It doesn’t require technical knowledge or programming skills to deliver a positive result.

Pricing starts at $49.99 for a lifetime license. You can bundle more users together to save per unit or opt for the duplicate finder bundle at $59.99. 

More information about Cisdem Data Recovery 6 ( is available on the company’s website.

4. M3 Data Recovery for Mac

M3 Data Recovery for Mac

If you have a non-APFS drive equipped with your Mac, the free version of this data recovery tool can restore 1GB of information. Unlike some of the other products that made this list, you’ll need to meet some conditions to use this product.

Features of M3 Data RecoveryPotential Concerns for M3 Data Recovery
  • It excels at restoring files that were accidentally deleted from the Mac trash.
  • The software offers two scanning modes to find your files.
  • Online tutorials make the learning process simplified for most users.
  • This software will not work if your storage device has any physical damage.
  • If a disk utility doesn’t recognize your HDD, this platform will not find it either.
  • It cannot recover lost data from corrupted or overwritten files.

The best way to describe M3 Data Recovery for Mac ( is as a lightweight application. It lets users recover deleted or lost files from external or local drives if they aren’t corrupted, overwritten, or damaged.

When you launch this software on your Mac, it automatically loads the storage devices it recognizes. You’d select the drive to scan, preview the recoverable files, and save the ones you want to keep.

You must purchase the licensed version to recover the items you’ve lost. If you run the free preview scan first, you’ll need to complete a second one to begin the restoration process.

Pricing starts at $89.95 per month for a single license that covers two Macs. The professional version is $99.95 per month. The lifetime purchase is the best deal, offered at $169.95.

You can take advantage of a 14-day money-back guarantee if the software doesn’t perform as expected.

You’ll need to boot your Mac with OS 10.8 or later.

5. TechTool Pro for Mac

TechTool Pro for Mac

This software helps users find and repair the problems that Macs typically develop after 24-36 months of use. It can also help you find lost files, monitor your network connectivity, and even conduct a memory test.

Features of TechTool ProPotential Concerns for TechTool Pro
  • It provides HDD checks to alert users of potential failure problems.
  • You can use this software to recover deleted APFS files.
  • It provides several tools that go beyond your basic hard drive data recovery needs. 
  • If you want application upgrades, users must buy additional licenses.
  • Controlling the startup parameters is surprisingly difficult.
  • The e-drive feature sometimes fails to launch or function correctly.

The best feature found in the latest TechTool Pro version ( is its Snapshot Recovery. It creates a longer “picture” that you can use for your Mac to recover those files that get accidentally deleted. This option works even if backups are unavailable for the information.

It also includes a speed measurement tool that lets you measure your Mac’s performance. Since most HDD manufacturers advertise unrealistic specs, this utility enables you to see what to expect with your equipment

Pricing begins at $129.99 for the full version. If you want the business back, which includes a ten-user license, you’ll pay $249.99. 

The software supports OS X 10.11 through 10.15. Older versions are available for those who might need them.

Why Outsource Data Recovery When These Tools Work?

When you download the best hard drive data recovery tools to use at home, your Mac can often provide a path toward the restored information. Each software platform uses a different approach to view files, but it often results in the desired outcome.

For more information about HDD recovery and restoration, these additional resources come highly recommended.

The Bottom Line for Mac Hard Drive Data Recovery

You could spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on hard drive data recovery for your Mac if you take the device to a lab. Even when you pay for these services, most providers don’t offer a guarantee.

The truth is that file recovery and data restoration is an imperfect business. Some information could be too corrupted to be usable, which means third-party vendors must protect themselves from potential liability.

Your missing files might not be gone forever. With the best hard drive data recovery for Mac, that information might be only a click away!